As of December 31, 2021

Mission:  To support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care.

Ally of Hope ($2,500 – $4,999)
Monica Faria, MD, FASAM
Washington Physicians Health Program

Advocate ($1,000 – $2,499)
James Cizerle
Doris Gundersen, MD 
Alistair James Reid Finlayson MD
P. Bradley Hall, MD, DABAM, FASAM
Scott Hambleton, MD, DFASAM
 Alexandria Polles MD
Ohio Physician Health Program

 Caregiver ($500 – $999)
Chris Bundy, MD, MPH, FASAM
Paul H. Earley, MD, DFASAM
Ruchi Fitzgerald, MD, FAAFP
Mark Goldberg, MD
E. Maire Durnin-Goodman, MD, FASAM
Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society
Doris Gundersen, MD - In honor of all the physicians on the front line during this protracted and devastating pandemic.
Art Hengerer MD, FACS
Missy Henke MD
Robin McCown
Jenny Melamed, MD, MBChB, FASAM
Glenn Pransky, MD
Michael Wilkerson, MD




Friend ($1 – $499)

Suzanne Alunni-Kinkle, MSN, RN, CARN
Andrew Beierschmitt MSW, LICSW
Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM 
Kathleen Boyd, MSW, LICSW
Elizabeth Bradshaw, MBA
Christopher Bundy MD, MPH
Mary Ellen Caiati, MD
William Carpenter, DO
Alexander Chaikin, MD
Anthony Cloy, MD
Paula Colescott, MD
James Conway, LMFT 
Tia Cooper, MA, LAC, ADDC, NCACI
Cypress Path
Sarah Early, PsyD
Mary Fahey, LCSW
Dianne Gay
Ray Glendrange, MD
Angela Graham, MPA
David Granovetter, MD
Mary Lynn Griffin, MA, LMHC, LPCC
Marlene Hall
P. Bradley Hall, MD, DABAM, FASAM
Lynn Hankes, MD, FASAM
Anish John, MD
Amanda Kimmel, MPA
Lisa Merlo, PhD, MPE
Terry Lavery, MA, LCPC
Bara Litman-Pike, PsyD
Kelley Long, MBA
Mary Long, MD
Robyn Madden, JD
Katie McQueen, MD - in honor of 
Anand Mehendale, MD

 Richard John Montminy, MD, MPH
Michael Myers, MD
Kay O'Shea, CADC, CCP
 Michael Ramirez, MS
Amy Ressler, LCSW
Molly Rossignol, DO FAAFP FASAM
Pamela Rowland, PhD
Jonathan Saul, CMHC
Jessica Sellar
Jon Shapiro, MD, DABAM - Babette Zemel Fund - in honor of presidents, past and current
Lindsay Shea, BA, SUDP, RYT
Michael Vaughan 

Richard Whitney MD, FASAM

Heather Wilson, MSW, CFRE, CAE
Penelope Ziegler, MD
Tracy Zemansky PhD


A special thank you to our 2021 Silent Auction donors and winners who each have made a significant contribution to the FSPHP.

Silent Auction Donors: Silent Auction Winners:

Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM
Kathleen Boyd, LICSW
Christopher Bundy, MD, MPH, FASAM
Paul Earley, MD, DFASAM
Federation of State Physician Health Programs
Florida Professionals Resource Network, Inc. (PRN) - Alexandria Polles, MD
FSSolutions - Shane Moes, MA
Angela Graham, MPA
Brad Hall, MD, DFASAM
Kelley Long, MBA
Pavillon Treatment Center - Tom Edwards
Positive Sobriety Institute - Kathy Bettinardi Angres
Soberlink - Megan Sanz
West Virginia Medical Professionals Health Program - Marlene Hall
Heather Wilson, MSW, CFRE, CAE

Suzanne Alunni-Kinkle, MSN, RN, CARN
Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM
Monica Faria, MD, FASAM
David Granovetter, MD
Mary Lynn Griffin, MA, LMHC, LPCC
Marlene Hall
Missy Henke, MD
Terry Lavery, MA, LCPC
Bara Litman-Pike, Psy.D.
Robyn Madden, JD
Robin McCown
Alexandria Polles, MD
Amy Ressler ,LCSW
Lindsay Shea, BA, SUDP, RYT
Michael Vaughan