The Benefits of Membership

Members of the FSPHP join a community of Physician Health Program professionals across North America including some international members dedicated to the health of physicians and health care professionals. FSPHP members have access to exclusive networking, resources, collaboration opportunities and education tailored to the needs of Physician Health Program staff and initiatives.

Resources: Access resources that will provide examples of experience, and guidelines for your work, inspire new ideas, provide creative solutions and give you the tools needed to excel in the field. 

Collaboration: Contribute to FSPHP’s tradition of collaboration. Connect, network and exchange ideas, resources, success stories and lessons learned with your experienced and expert colleagues around the country.

Education: Participate in unique and specific training that is relevant to your mission. Learn from and with your peers through annual, and regional meetings, through newsletters, and our member email group covering all areas of physician and health care professional health topics. Gain the knowledge to assist you in your job. All FSPHP members receive a discount on FSPHP education programs. Click here for more information.

NetworkingConnect with other FSPHP members and exchange information via FSPHP E-lists: FSPHP-ALL-MEMBERS E-list which is available to all FSPHP membership classes, and the STATE-PHP-MEMBERS E-list which is limited to State PHP membership classes.  FSPHP members are automatically enrolled in the appropriate E-list(s) when they join FSPHP.  This valuable member benefit is where you can ask questions and seek advice from your industry peers.  

Shared Resources: Review or post documents to the FSPHP discussion forum relating to standards, regulations and other newsworthy items, including sample forms and templates. View FSPHP resources here.

Information: Keep up with the latest issues that affect physician or professional health programs through the website, your FSPHP Newsletters, Annual Meetings, the e-group, and emails from FSPHP.

FSPHP Policies and Guidelines: Access materials that guide the work of health professional programs around the country, and to share with your board, committee’s, staff, healthcare organizations and stakeholders in your state. See the policies and guidelines here

Leadership Opportunities: Gain personal and professional growth, as well as a broader view of the depth and vision for the organization, by taking on a leadership role, chairing a committee or serving on the board of directors. The vision and dedication of FSPHP volunteer leaders are our biggest asset. Visit our Committees page

Access to Job Center: Find new employment opportunities or advertise one through the FSPHP Job Center, your one-stop shop for careers in physician or professional health programs. 

Mentoring: Connect with a seasoned professional who will help you navigate the physician health and/or professional health program profession.