FSPHP Evaluation and Treatment Accreditation™ (FSPHP-ETA™)

FSPHP-ETA™ Program
The purpose of the FSPHP Evaluation and Treatment Accreditation™ (FSPHP-ETA™) program is to recognize evaluation and treatment services that are qualified to specialize in the care of medical students, residents, career physicians, and other workers in safety-sensitive occupational roles, through a valid, reliable, and rational assessment process that demonstrates compliance with objective standards. The FSPHP-ETA™ program will encourage consistency of quality and quality improvement among providers who work with this safety-sensitive population.

Initially, treatment and evaluation experts and programs with a specialty in healthcare professionals will apply for FSPHP-ETA™ accreditation.

FSPHP Evaluation and Treatment Accreditation™ (FSPHP-ETA™) Standards for Accreditation
FSPHP has developed a comprehensive set of FSPHP-ETA™ assessment criteria, metrics, and assessment method specifications through a robust consensus-building process utilizing a diverse group of subject-matter experts.

Some criteria may be assessed with staff assistance; other criteria will be assessed by FSPHP-ETA™ subject-matter expert (SME) assessors. The  FSPHP-ETA™ SME will compile a comprehensive FSPHP-ETA™ Report, which will be shared with the applicant with the accreditation decision.

Some criteria are assessed remotely, by "desk" review. Other criteria are assessed "on-site." Criteria for which the assessment method is defined as "on-site" shall be assessed via remote meeting and screen-sharing technology (such as web conferences) if the applicant entity’s systems and policy supports and permits this. If the applicant organization’s systems and policy do not support or permit this, the on-site assessment of those criteria shall be conducted at the physical location(s) of the applicant entity and will require assessor travel (in alignment with FSPHP travel reimbursement guidelines).

What kind of entities are eligible to apply for FSPHP-ETA™ accreditation?

FSPHP-ETA SME Assessor Description and Qualifications - APPLY HERE!

FSPHP-ETA SME Application