FSPHP Performance Enhancement and Effectiveness Review (PEER™)

The FSPHP PEER™ (Performance Enhancement and Effectiveness Review™) program is a structured review process designed to empower Physician Health Programs (PHPs) and other safety-sensitive professional health programs to use the 2019 FSPHP Physician Health Program Guidelines as a practical tool for identifying opportunities to optimize performance and effectiveness in alignment with best practices among PHPs.

FSPHP has developed a comprehensive set of PEER™ assessment criteria, metrics, and assessment method specifications that align with the 2019 FSPHP Physician Health Program Guidelines through a robust consensus-building process utilizing a diverse group of subject-matter experts.

FSPHP PEER™️ Program Criteria and Metrics
Some criteria may be assessed with staff assistance; other criteria will be assessed by PEER™ subject-matter expert (SME) assessors. The PEER™ SME will compile a comprehensive PEER™ Report, which will be shared with the applicant.

Some criteria are assessed remotely, by "desk" review. Other criteria are assessed "on-site." Criteria for which the assessment method is defined as "on-site" shall be assessed via remote meeting and screen-sharing technology (such as web conferences) if the applicant entity’s systems and policy support and permit this. If the applicant organization’s systems or policy do not support or permit this, the on-site assessment of those criteria shall be conducted at the physical location(s) of the applicant entity and will require assessor travel (in alignment with FSPHP travel reimbursement guidelines).

Areas of review for a PEER™ include:

  • PHP staff job qualifications
  • medical oversight of the PHP
  • information systems
  • structure
  • intake and assessment processes
  • PHP compliance with laws and regulations
  • accessibility of the PHP to voluntary referrals
  • responsiveness of PHP to clinically sensitive matters and necessary reporting or cessation of practice of its participants
  • oversight of case management
  • quality assurance practices
  • toxicology policy and procedures
  • utilization of qualified evaluators or treatment providers
  • utilization data

SME assessors will review materials against defined criteria, with prescribed methods and metrics to guide the review. 

What kind of entities are eligible to apply for a PEER™?

The PEER™ program is global in scope. Programs anywhere in the world are eligible to participate.

Occupational Roles Served
The PEER™ program is exclusively for organizations that provide health program services to workers in safety-sensitive occupational roles.

FSPHP PEER™ Program Subject Matter Expert (SME) Assessor Description and Application

PEER™ SME Assessor Description and Qualifications

FSPHP-PEER SME Application