Mission, Vision And Values


To support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care.


A society of highly effective PHPs advancing the health of the medical community and the patients they serve.

Guiding Values:

  • Empowering Membership
The FSPHP is dedicated to supporting its members to optimize accountability, consistency, and excellence.

  • Advocacy
    • The FSPHP strengthens PHPs by promoting best practices and providing guidelines, advocacy, and other resources that enhance their effectiveness.
    • FSPHP supports the regulatory and legislative recognition of PHP services as a therapeutic alternative to disciplinary action whenever possible.
    • FSPHP advocates for compassionate care with privacy of a medical professional’s health and treatment, including confidential participation in a PHP and safe haven (non-reporting) provisions for credentialing of compliant PHP participants.

  • Collaboration
    • The FSPHP encourages collegial support and community building among our member PHPs.
    • The FSPHP fosters collaboration and engagement with regulatory boards and other constituents of organized medicine both national and international.
  • Equity
The FSPHP endorses diversity, equity, and inclusiveness and commits to opposing discrimination in all its forms, within and outside our organization, including discriminatory factors related to a particular diagnosis, race, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or disability.

  • Education and Research
The FSPHP supports education and research designed to establish best practices for the prevention, treatment, and monitoring of medical professionals experiencing substance use disorders, mental illness, physical illness, and other potentially impairing conditions.

  • Leadership
The FSPHP nurtures the development of leadership skills and qualities among its PHP Members.