State Program Videos

Below are videos produced by FSPHP State Member Physician Health Programs.  These informational videos help provide insight into how these programs work and how they impact the life and career of health professionals.

Please email [email protected] if your program has videos that you would like included on this page.

Colorado Physician Health Program
Colorado - Welcome
Colorado - What to Expect When Coming to CPHP
Colorado - CPHP is your Confidential Peer Assistance Program!

Colorado - Support CPHP
Colorado - CPHP History & Support

Florida Professionals Resource Network (PRN)
Florida - About Professionals Resource Network (PRN)

Missouri Physician Health Program
Missouri - An Introduction to MPHP
Missouri - Physician, Heal Thyself 
Missouri - Fundraising

Ohio Professionals Health Program 
OhioPHP Informational Video 
OhioPHP Information Video (Short) 
OhioPHP Monitoring Services 
OhioPHP Well-being Screenings 
OhioPHP Education Program 

Oklahoma Health Professionals Program
About Oklahoma Health Professionals Program

North Dakota Professional Health Program
North Dakota Professional Health Program Informational Video/Commercial

Tennessee Medical Foundation Physician's Health Program
TMF Physician's Health Program - Saving Lives; Saving Careers

Utah Professionals Health Program
Utah - You Are Not Alone
Utah - Worksite Practice Liaisons